Jamie always wanted to be a war correspondent, but in the end settled for adventure reporting in a crafty and strategic move to placate his long-worrying mother. He began a career in freelance journalism in 2009 writing for Climber Magazine and its website www.climber.co.uk. Over the course of two years he covered all aspects of the climbing and outdoor world: conducting interviews with top mountaineers, reviewing gear, traveling to international climbing destinations as well as being responsible for a monthly 2000-word magazine feature on bouldering, entitled ‘Bouldering Beta’.

A trained and qualified NCTJ journalist, Jamie dabbled with newspapers, intermittently writing for the West Briton, Cornish Guardian and the South Wales Echo on topics as varied as Muslim community centres, film festival reviews, noisy pub landlords and Christmas-day shift workers. He was probably being lazy, but tapping out strictly-formatted 300 words pieces on local affairs – even wider news in general – didn’t really grip him all too much, and as no jobs were presenting themselves in that field (they never are), he disappeared off to find a story or two for himself in Armenia.

caffieneOn his return in late 2011, Jamie contacted top web designer John Summerton asking if he could help out with John’s new and much-cherished project Sidetracked Magazine. This online adventure travel publication aimed to put itself at the heart of everything adventure, with the best articles, photographs, news and reviews coming in from far-flung expeditions right around the world. Since its inception, Sidetracked has grown to become a leading publication and resource within the adventure community and Jamie is proud be able to say he is now one of the magazine’s editors.

Aside from helping steer the site’s content and direction, his main speciality within the publication is talking to people; creatively compiling interviews and expansive ghost-written pieces on behalf of some of the most well-known explorers operating out in the world today. The only downside, he says, is forever holding back the urge to ask these top adventurers to take him with them on their next trip!

Jamie is now working on his first book – working title: ‘Not in Our Stars’ – about a five months, multi-project, expedition he undertook with his friend and expedition colleague Matthew Traver.

A Few of the Best

If you’re interested in reading more of Jamie’s writings, then please feel free to have a look at this list of a few of the best articles he’s ever penned, taken from across his entire writing career: